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Buckling and postbuckling of unsymmetrically laminated angle-ply plates in uniaxial and biaxial compression
J.W. Zhang
A multiattribute analysis of goals for intelligent transportation system planning
Jonathan Levine, Steven E. Underwood
Analysis of characteristics of mixed traffic flow of autopilot vehicles and manual vehicles
Tang-Hsien Chang, I-Shyen Lai
From humanitarian relief to humanitarian intervention: victims, interveners and pillars
William B. Wood
Expert system applications in software engineering
Bruce I. Blum, Ralph F. Wachter
Electronic communications and collaboration: The emerging model for computer aided communications in science and medicine
Irving A. Lerch
Long-range science scheduling for the Hubble Space Telescope
Glenn E. Miller, Mark D. Johnston
Planning and control from the perspective of labour: A short presentation of the demos project
Jan Carlsson, Pelle Ehn, Barbo Erlander, Maja-Lisa Perby, Åke Sandberg
Jan Carlsson, Pelle Ehn, Barbo Erlander, Maja-Lisa Perby, Ake Sandberg
Kenneth R. Ferris, Jesse F. Dillard, Les Nethercott
Management information-decision systems: A new era ahead?
G.W. Dickson
Responding to the challenges of global markets: Change, complexity, competition and conscience
C. Samuel Craig, Susan P. Douglas

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